Sunday, August 12, 2012

One quarter of the way is done... and I will fail :-(

25 acceptable shots, even some of them I really love, with a S95. One quarter of the way done. Every snap of these 25 first aren't great but how many pictures do you remember of Man Ray, Cartier-Bresson or Steve McCurry?

So, it is not one hundred yet but I still learned a lot about the S95 qualities and limitations. Here is what these are (for me):

- pocketability
- control (over aperture, shutter speed and ISO)
- RAW/pictures quality after post-prod

- not interchangeable lense
- minimal focus distance (no macro possible)
- no external flash control

So, yes, as a pocket camera I don't really see, many as good choices as the S95. It is a briliant little point and shoot that gives you control over the pictures you want to take and can deliver a very decent quality. And this camera will stay in my bag, with me, every day. A camera with a hot-shoe or TLL control and lenses upgrade possibility might have hold the trip a bit longer but in the same time, the S95 will still have a place in my bag what a NEX or a Panasonic or a Olympus with changeable lense might not have...

Time for a DSLR now! I could wait more and finish the "challenge", but why ? The purpose was to have fun and to learn ; and I did. But with what I want to do now (Macro shooting, flash setups...) I need to go one step futher. The goal of this challenge was to push me forward, not to slow me down, and it was really good fun. With which camera will I do the 75 next snaps?

I could buy a serious camera like a Hasselblad h4d (I am joking, I could not, not even with a morgage) or a Pentax K5 - this one I could, I had one in the hands this week-end and wow... I LOVE THIS CAMERA. More then a D7000 or a 7D, the K5 is the one for my hand, I could feel it immediatly.
But I will not buy it now. Not yet. I will start with a cheaper camera to be able to start a setup for a reasonable price. I need a body but also one or two flash, a soft box, a macro tube and lenses. I found a second hand K10D quiet cheap and it will most probably join the family soon. The purpose is to learn more about photography and it is time for me to get gears, not to do good pictures (I think I am already able to do good snaps - at least from time to time :-), not even to do better snaps but to do pictures I cannot do with the gears I have.

So in the next post will be the 5 best pictures (or at least my favorite ones) I took with the S95.

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